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Creating a multiple options dialog in Android

Below is the code for creating a multiple options dialog in Android. This dialog is triggered by clicking an option from a context menu in my application which determines what Activity class my app should direct to.

final String items[] = {“Movie”,”Music”,”Book”};
AlertDialog.Builder ab=new AlertDialog.Builder(SmugActivity.this);
ab.setTitle(“Dialog Title”);
ab.setItems(items, new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {

public void onClick(DialogInterface d, int choice) {
if(choice == 0) {
Intent mainIntent = new Intent(SampleActivity.this, MovieActivity.class);
else if(choice == 1) {
Intent mainIntent = new Intent(SampleActivity.this, MusicActivity.class);
else if(choice == 2) {
Intent mainIntent = new Intent(SampleActivity.this, BookActivity.class);

The code above should look like this:

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