Pinoy Lotto

pinoylotto_appstore With Pinoy Lotto App, you get the latest winning combination on all major Philippine lotteries. But that’s not all. Nothing to bet on yet? Pinoy Lotto provides you a quick and easy way to choose the numbers for your lotto combo. Shake it, save the number, and go to your nearest lotto outlet to bet.

The app also makes it easier for you to track all the previous combinations you’ve played. With a shake, a tap, and a click, you’re ready to get the possible winning combination at no cost.

With Pinoy Lotto in your iOS device, you can instantly check lotto results whenever there’s an available internet connection.


Main Features:

            • Choose from 4 major lottery system available in the Philippines:
            • Online results for each lottery system
            • Give you jackpot prizes up to the last date of the draw.
            • Share your iPhone to generate your lucky numbers
            • History of all saved numbers you generated.
            • Absolutely free for life with no ads
            • Enhanced view for retina capable iOS devices.

Please know that we are not affiliated with or authorized by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO).

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